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About Us

Created by Teachers for Teachers

Our Team

We are teachers with over 10 years of experience in education in public and private schools in the US and internationally.


We believe teachers need to have a user friendly service that provides fast, reliable and useful data.

Multiple Devices

EducationVest can be used in your computer or portable device.

Work Smarter

We know first hand how time consuming grading tests can be. EducationVest will allow you to focus your time on your students and not on grading.


Discover the benefits that EducationVest offers you

Scan Tests

Automatically grade your tests by effortlessly scanning the students' answer sheets.

Data Analysis

Break down the data in many different ways to drive your instruction.

Individualized Instruction

Analyze student progress targeting the child's needs one student at a time.

Discrete Data

Use discrete data analysis to compare achievement of different groups of students.


Easily export your data to Excel or your school grading system.
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EducationVest includes different state standards including the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Common Core to help you track mastery.

For Schools

School administrators can use EducationVest to enable their staff to share data with parents.

For Teachers

We offer school and individual teacher licenses options.


We are continuously adding new features. Click here to take a look to see the best option that matches your needs!

For Teachers
And Administrators

See what we can do for your school

Scan App

Scan your tests with your favorite device

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